Post Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:12 pm

Rift questions

Hi Everyone,

Thinking of getting into this game again. I played briefly a few years ago - got a team to level 10 or so I think.

I have a few questions before committing.

1 - How is this now for boxing in terms of following, targeting, assisting.

2 - How much of a time investment am I looking at - would I have to play years worth of catch up.

3 - Are end game dungeons possible to 5 box. How tough compared to say Warcraft. I played Warlords of Draenor and was able to beat all the 5 man dungeons. Haven't tried the new expansion though.

4 - How far can a free account go. How much does say 10$ per month / per account get you in this game. Is there a VIP system ?

5 - Any multi-box friendly guilds in this game ? Is there content for large teams - 10+ man stuff ?

I have been playing Neverwinter the past 2 weeks but am now rethinking things. I've read several reports of Cryptic/PWI banning for multi-client reasons and am not sure I want to invest the enormous time sink that game requires if there's a risk a GM can turn off my accounts. Thinking of either Rift or returning to Warcraft.