Post Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:57 am

new xkeys devices not recognized

I just purchased 2 X-keys devices, and neither is visible in the ISBoxer "File->Edit Input Devices->Input Device" menu, even after removing InputDevices.xml and restarting IS and ISBoxer.

Both are seen by Lavish.ButtonTester.exe and I recorded the data for each key per the FAQ, and have attached the results.

The first attachment is for the "X-Keys Stick 16" with buttons pressed left to right.

The second attachment is for the XK-24, which was added to a dev build of InnerSpace back in Feb of 2015, according to forum posts, so I assume that made it into production long ago. Perhaps the XKeys folks changed a device ID on current products shipping? Since the XK-24 can be used in different orientations, I pressed the keys in the same order as they are numbered in the Xkeys software. This corresponds to a physical order of: first column top to bottom, then next col, etc, and this is with the device oriented in portrait with the Xkeys logo on top.
Button tester output for XK-16
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Button tester output for XK-24
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