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ISBoxer.com Forum and Chat Room Rules

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ISBoxer.com Forum and Chat Room Rules

We have some very simple rules, and you should not have a problem being able to follow them:

1. Absolutely no discussion of any "private" servers, for any game. Legal precedent shows that emulating a game server is unlawful (e.g. circumvention of copyright protection) and therefore it is NOT a topic to be discussed in any area of our web site. This also helps us maintain our good relationship with game publishers.
2. Absolutely no warez, cracks, hacks, cheats, bots, etc. If it's against the Terms of Service for the games we're multiboxing, it's not up for discussion here!
3. No advertising.

There are no exceptions to these rules.


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Re: ISBoxer.com Forum and Chat Room Rules

Need a link to the IRC chat room here.


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Re: ISBoxer.com Forum and Chat Room Rules

Thank you for censoring those "bad" #channels!

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