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Runes of Magic multiboxing allowed?

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Runes of Magic multiboxing allowed?

A few years ago the subject about multiboxing Runes of Magic had come up on the ROM forums. Every one of them were removed and the game masters said it was forbidden to explain to others on their forums how to multibox the game. There were also some rumors that players that attempted to multibox Runes of Magic had been banned. I stopped multiboxing the game when I saw the posts that referred to no multiboxing in ROM.

Since there is activity here in these forums about multiboxing Runes of Magic, I present this question: Is multiboxing officially allowed and is there a limit to the number of clients to be multiboxed either on a single computer or multiple computers. By officially allowed, I mean reference to some post from the game makers of Runes of Magic that multiboxing is allowed.


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Re: Runes of Magic multiboxing allowed?

To be honest I get different answers every time I ask anyone about Runes of Magic. Here's a thread where last year a moderator said it's okay on EU servers but not US: https://forum.runesofmagic.com/showthread.php?t=405829. I don't think there is a limit on the number of clients that can be run.

I haven't heard of anyone getting banned for multiboxing RoM though. I'd wager that if you're Being A Good Citizen(tm) and particularly if you're spending actual money on the game, they would probably not be inclined to ban you. And, well, if you're not spending money on it then at least you're not out of much from being banned.

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