Post Fri May 09, 2014 2:40 pm

Using ISBoxer with games through Steam

Inner Space Build 5999 -- now live -- corrects a bug where games launched through Steam were unable to access the Steam client. As of this fix, it is possible to use your EVE or EverQuest, or other game accounts that were purchased through Steam, with ISBoxer.

Here's what you need to know.

First of all, if you only have ONE account purchased through Steam, that is ideal here. If you have multiple Steam accounts and want to multibox using those multiple Steam accounts, you MAY run into trouble depending on the game. I believe EVE Online should work.

Secondly, Steam is considered the same as a game's Launcher as far as ISBoxer is concerned. This means that to use your Steam account, you will need to use Add Game from the Inner Space menu, and add Steam to Inner Space. ISBoxer will need to launch Steam instead of launching the game (or its launcher) directly, to use your Steam account. (Conversely, to NOT use your Steam account, you can launch the game or its launcher directly, as installed by Steam). To do this, you will need the Character in ISBoxer to use the Steam Game and Game Profile, while your non-Steam accounts use a non-Steam Game and Game Profile.

So let me run down the process. This is what I did today, ONLY having a copy of EVE installed via Steam. I have one Steam EVE account and multiple non-Steam EVE accounts.
Configuring ISBoxer:
1. Add Steam to Inner Space (right click IS, select Add Game, point it at Steam.exe)
2. Add EVE Online to Inner Space (right click IS, select Add Game, point it at either EVE\bin\exefile.exe or EVE\eve.exe)
3. Use ISBoxer's Quick Setup Wizard, as normal up until the page to select Characters. On the Characters page, use the EVE Online Game and Game Profiles for the non-Steam accounts, and make sure to select the Steam Game and Game Profile for the Steam account. Everything else is the same as always.
3a. If you forget to set it during the wizard, or you want to adjust an existing "Character" in ISBoxer, then select that Character in the top left pane under "Characters" and adjust the Game and Game Profile drop-down boxes in the bottom right.

Launching the game:
2. Launch team!
3. The non-Steam accounts will launch exactly as you should expect, either launching the game client or its launcher with the process we're already familiar with... but when Steam launches, you want to manually launch one instance of EVE Online (or whichever game) through Steam. The game's launcher should come up and recognize your Steam account, then click Launch.
4. After a game instance from Steam is launched, you should consider killing Steam.exe to avoid inadvertently launching other Steam games under Inner Space later on. If you have multiple Steam accounts with game accounts, you will need to do this anyway in order to get additional game accounts logged in (re-launch the team or the specific Slot after doing so in order to continue launching additional Steam accounts). Exiting Steam normally will typically close out the game, so you can use End Task via Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Escape) to avoid this. Killing Steam this way should not log you out of EVE, but may affect other Steam games.