Post Wed May 22, 2019 2:28 am

Multiboxing in The Division 2...?

So I came across this video today (I've skipped the intro as it's just mainly this guy talking smak).

What he's doing here is pretty basic - he has a second account with a character sitting AFK while he kills all the NPC's on his main, then he jumps into the 2nd account, and runs around picking up all the loot.

But it did get me wondering, could this be done a bit more efficiently using ISBoxer?

I know multi-boxing and shooters don't traditionally work that well together, however there are skill based builds in The Division 2 that don't rely so much on aiming at the NPC's, but do there damage from deploy-able homing skills.

You could also set the second account up as a healbot for your main, as one of the main healing skill is an AOE one.

Would it be feasible to dual-box something like this?