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Subscription Time Question

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Subscription Time Question


this is an uncommon question, im using your software to play SWTOR and there was a time in the past when it wasnt working for like 2 weeks. I was writing emails etc to get it fixed as i had a running subscription and it didnt work. Then it was fixed and the site admin mentioned that i could get an extention to my sub when it didnt work.


Anyway, i just wanted to ask my friend wants to use the software with me now and he already had a trial, would it be possible to give him the 7 days of sub instead of me? Would be very nice and helpful of you! His email is <removed>.
Thank you


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Re: Subscription Time Question

First, I moved your thread because you bumped another which had little-to-nothing to do with your current question. Please don't bump threads with unrelated questions.

Second, I've removed your friend's e-mail address because I doubt your friend wants that information just lying around in the open on a public forum.

Third, if you have an account related question, then you should contact Lax directly.

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