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[REQUEST] Revelation Online ISBoxer? please <3

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[REQUEST] Revelation Online ISBoxer? please <3

Can anyone get ISBoxer/Innerspace to work with Revelation Online? Please and thank you. With the game being out on the 27th. I want to know if anyone is working on multi-boxing this game.


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Re: [REQUEST] Revelation Online ISBoxer? please <3

It's still in BETA. Someone may be attempting to multibox it, and you are more than welcome to attempt yourself if you so wish. Currently the TOU from MyCom tends to exclude multiboxing by default, ie..

2.1. In some cases, to participate in the Games Services, it is required to create an extra account (hereinafter the “Extra account”) in addition to your primary account, available to you after registration on the My.com website (hereinafter the “Main account”). To create an Extra account, you should follow the instructions outlined on the web page of the corresponding Games Services, and among other things you will need to fill in all the required fields of the registration form, which will also confirm your full agreement with the General Terms, these Terms and other agreements and regulations in respect of each of the relevant Game Services, for access to which you create the Extra account. In order to be able to sign in correctly, You need to fill in all data fields flagged as "required" on the form. All information, irrespective of whether it is required or voluntary, should be correct.

2.2. We will confirm receipt of the application to open an Extra Account over an electronic channel to the email address You provide.

2.3. In the game rules We reserve the right to prescribe that You are only permitted to participate in the respective Game Services with one Extra Account ("prohibiting multi-accounts"). Even in those Game Services where You are allowed to create more than one Extra Account, it is prohibited that several Extra Accounts communicate together or interact in any other manner ("prohibiting pushing"). In particular You are not allowed to use these Extra Accounts to create an advantage for one of Your other Extra Accounts. We would like to clearly point out that breaching the prohibition on multi-accounts and/or the prohibition on pushing may lead to You being blocked immediately.

2.4. You are not permitted to transfer Your Extra Account to third-parties.

2.5. Use of the information specified by you when creating the Extra account is carried out by My.com and/or its partners/affiliates in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of Privacy Policy, hosted by My.com on the web page http://legal.my.com/us/games/privacy/ (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”). Please keep in mind that My.com and its affiliates have the right to combine, merge, and compare the data You gave when creating Extra Accounts for different Game Services and other My.com’s services.

That said, it does refer to Game Rules (no link provided), which are individual rules for each game, but the general TOU indicates that the multiple accounts are not allowed to interact with each other, which a strict view may mean no multiboxing. Anyway, without the published game rules; status unknown.


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Re: [REQUEST] Revelation Online ISBoxer? please <3

so im new to this so i was following the video guide on this for revelation seem like it doesn't work.
i even tried to use the mycom.ini method. I dont know what im doing wrong? but this work with other game i have like Skyforge, it be great if there a Guide for my.com games
Great Programs but i cant wait for a revelation online to be added!

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