Post Sat Jul 30, 2016 8:22 pm

Whos tha standup comidian?! @Lax

lax wrote:
The "second pc sha" character set does not launch when I start the "main pc sha" character set even though it's in the "also launch" option.

Any way to solve this?

No way to solve it, sorry.

Just kidding, follow this post from the multi-PC section:

Brah You calling me a standup comidian?! :lol: :roll:

lax wrote:
Malixk wrote:nice nice! But how long is your week? :lol: been 8 days now?

You should do standup! ;)

Seriously though, I have been working on Inner Space updates to resolve game-breaking issues (e.g. MiRai also asked me to slow down a little so he can prepare a video at the same time.