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got banned

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got banned

i've been 2 month's using isboxer , and got account ban just now
Im using Fresh install PC ,
and only run isboxer 3 times/week

im using pro system profile on my World Of warcraft .
appealed to the bllizard , but it seems i can't get back my account
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Re: got banned

There is certainly a large part of the story missing here because Blizzard only permanently bans accounts who are either repeat offenders, or have done something that is, in their eyes, atrocious (like selling gold). Blizzard doesn't even ban players who bot their accounts, so for you to have your account permanently closed, is, most certainly, not the result of using ISBoxer. My statement is only reinforced by the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of players use ISBoxer, in World of Warcraft, every single month, and they don't have any issues (because multiboxing is allowed).

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