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Help with Macro

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Help with Macro


I am trying to load a different macro depending on which character set is loaded.

!if ("{CHARACTERSET}" is "Island Expedition 01") /cast [nomounted] Azure Water Strider
!else /cast [flyable,nomounted] Headless Horseman's Mount;[noflyable,nomounted] Azure Water Strider

The ("{CHARACTERSET}" is "Island Expedition 01") part never evaluates to true, is it possible to check for that?

If I check to see if a slot is loaded I could do (not "slot 6") but that doesn't seem to work for character set.


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Re: Help with Macro

{CHARACTERSET} requires no ""

On the other hand, another way to do that would be to have a different macro set, and just assign the appropriate macro set to the appropriate character set.

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