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Need to reload ISBoxer settings often

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Need to reload ISBoxer settings often

Hey all. I've only been using ISBoxer for a month or so. Have many WoW 5-man teams set up and working. This is sooooo much easier than my old home-brewed AHK method.

The issue I am seeing is ISBoxer not picking up modifier keys after some time, every 30 minutes or so. I have two that I use quite often.
Ctrl + Num- : Create some VFX sources/viewers for node gathering
Ctrl + Num0 : Destroy the VFX and do Follow Me
Num- : in-game keybind for 'Panic' macro.
Num0 : in-game keybind for 'Use Cds' macro.

When this issue happens, the Ctrl key seems to not be recognized. Ctrl+Num- or Num- alone will both trigger my Panic hotbar button. The same is true for the Num0 case. I have tried many re-configurations of my setup in ISBoxer. No matter what I do the issues remains. I once cleared it all out and started from scratch. That took me a few hours to redo and in the end, the issue is still there. Everything will work fine for 30 minutes to an hour then I need to either use Shift+Ctrl+Alt+G to 'Reload ISBoxer Settings' or re-export from ISBoxer menu. Both of these methods fix the problem for another 30 minutes to an hour. It is getting really annoying having to do it so often.

I found this in the forums: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=7791 MiRai describes exactly what I would like to do but not _how_ to 'Reload ISBoxer Settings' from a mapped key. I don't have problems with reloading any parts of my setup; Repeaters, VFX create/destroy/show/hide, Click Bars, etc. These all work as I would expect them to.

I would like to understand the modifier key problem and fix it. As a work-around, I'd like to know how to 'Reload ISBoxer Settings' from a mpaped key.



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Post Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:49 am

Re: Need to reload ISBoxer settings often

There is no mapped key method to reinitialize ISBoxer.
You can
  1. exit the games and reload them,
  2. use the in game gui reset,
  3. export from the toolkit,
  4. select your team from the InnerSpace menu.
if you use ATG's they may not reset completely, unless you do 1.

As for your control key. It obviously works elsewhere still otherwise you couldn't get to the in game gui, so it sounds like maybe something else is going on that is causing it to get out of whack. Maybe the game is ignoring it for some reason. Depends on what is being sent, and to where. If you look at the debug console, does it show the CTRL+NUM- being send (CTRL will show up as a number like 160/161)


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Post Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:08 pm

Re: Need to reload ISBoxer settings often

Hi bob, Thanks for the reply and the troubleshooting tips.

After much testing the last few days I discovered it was my own fault. I have grown accustomed to looking at the 'toggles' ClickBar. Some of my Mapped Keys were toggling KeyMaps and/or Mouse Repeater for some things without updating the ClickBar buttons. After a certain combination of things I was doing the states did not match what the ClickBar icons showed. When it happens now, I toggle both of them twice and suddenly it all works again.

Sorry for the false alarm. I will modify what I'm doing to make sure the ClickBar icons are always up-to-date with the real status.

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