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r6031 error

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r6031 error

hi, im not sure whats going wrong,i just started multiboxing a wotlk WoW private server and i followed a video step by step, sometimes my character set of 4 loads sometimes they dont, if they dont il get a error "runtime error! program ___________________________wow.exe r6031 attempt to initialize the CRT more thean once, this indicates a bug in your application" is there s fix to this?


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Re: r6031 error

Are you using an old version of Inner Space? The known reasons for R6031 have been resolved.

If not, I could use a Trace Diagnostics from ISBoxer's Help menu on the wow.exe with the R6031 error up. This will create a .dmp file, which you can email to lax@lavishsoft.com for me to analyze

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