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Keymap staggering.

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Post Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:02 pm

Keymap staggering.

So I've been looking at this and wondering how capable IsBoxer would be in setting up a staggering command to reduce keymap layout.

Let's say I have slots 1 - 10 and I want to heal on a 5 key layout. I want slot 1 and 6 to be healed by the slot 1 healing key. I press the key once and it heals slot 1. I press it twice in succession and it heals slot 6. With the way the keymaps currently work there is no delay nor a delay option to setup and I'm not sure how it would even work. But the functionality is something I'm interested in.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Post Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:13 pm

Re: Keymap staggering.

After having to deal with interpreting double clicks on a mouse, then I'd say that's a bad idea.

If you look at how the double click of a mouse works, it goes something like:
    Click button
    Report button click, set first click status/time.
    Click button
    If first click status is set, and within x milliseconds of first click, report double click, otherwise report single click

Now, in windows, most of the time, when doing this with the mouse, a single click is needed first anyway, because that selects something, and the double click then executes it, or the first click sets the cursor location and the second click does some selection based on surrounding text, etc. i.e. the first action would occur anyway regardless of whether the second action will take place; that type of behaviour, if desired, could be setup to work in ISBoxer with some virtualization and timers.

In your particular scenario, there is a delay while deciding whether to do the first keystroke action or the second keystroke action, and it is one action or the other, which is NOT: always perform the first action, and then maybe do the second action if within a particular timeframe.

If you just wanted it to press the first time, it heals slot 1, press the second time it heals slot 2, press the third time it goes back to slot 1, that can be achieved by having 2 Steps in the mapped key.

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