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Lavish Crashes

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Lavish Crashes

Hi all,

Just put ISboxer and Lavish onto my system and tried to box. Returning to wow after 6 years of absence. I am playing on a private server and need to use <their custom launcher> versus the wow.exe file to launch. So all is setup in the wow profile to do that.

When I click on my char sets, the <their custom launcher> window launches and then disappears, but wow never launches.

If I double click on the <their custom launcher> manaully, it calls the wow.exe file and I can log into the private server. What do i need to modify with Innerspace to get it to launch properly?


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Re: Lavish Crashes

Hello! Please take note that while Inner Space and ISBoxer should work with any version of the game, we do not allow naming/promoting/linking to/etc a particular private server. Your post happened to name the server, so I've modified the post.

Beyond that, numerous fixes are available in the development build of Inner Space that help with a wide range of compatibility issues, please see if it resolves the problem for you. To try it out, right click Inner Space and select Patcher, tick "Download development (test) patches" and then close and restart Inner Space to let it patch up. As of this post, the dev build 6276 and the live build of Inner Space is 6260.

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