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Two MultiBoxes at one time WoW

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Two MultiBoxes at one time WoW


Thanks for great program to multibox.
I play WoW only. I would like to use two different multibox configs at one time on one singe pc. For example Main monitor 5x1 char set and on second monitor totally different 4x1character set, or even on 1 single screen to split my view in 2. How should i setup it? I would like to broadcast keys to specific box only when there is mouse on it. is it possible? Would apreciate your help.


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Re: Two MultiBoxes at one time WoW

What you're asking to configure is fairly complex and time consuming, even if you've been using ISBoxer for awhile. You'd need to utilize Swap Groups in your Window Layout, as well as implement Action Target Groups (probably paired with Target Group Actions) for almost every single Action in ISBoxer in order keep the two sets of characters separate. Other than that, there's no guide or easy way to write out instructions on this since you could go about it several different ways, so all I can leave you with are some links to the Wiki.


If you have further questions, then feel free to ask them.

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