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Having a really hard time with IWT for talking to NPCs

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Post Wed May 09, 2018 10:32 pm

Having a really hard time with IWT for talking to NPCs

I have two character sets - 1 ranged duo and 1 melee duo, as I am dual boxing.

When playing my ranged duo, I'm having a hard time getting my slave to loot. I have read through this many times, and I believe I understand it: http://www.isboxer.com/wiki/WoW:Interact_with_Target

In game, I have Interact with Target set to G. In ISBoxer variable keystrokes, I have Interact with Target set to G.

In ISBoxer, I have Interact with Target set to Alt+G (in Key Maps > ISB42 - Base Hotkeys > Mapped Keys > Interact with Target).

For some reason, my melee set works fine with this (I can select dead mob or NPC, press G, and my slave will loot it or talk to it).

I set both up in the Wizard, and I selected Auto-IWT for my melee set, since I want them to run up to the mob. I left Auto-IWT unchecked for my ranged set.

I am attaching my config to this post as a text file.

P.S. Also, during the wizard, I checked "turn broadcasting on when I start" but I want to undo this without going through the wizard again. Is this possible?

P.P.S. Also, I use a 12 button mouse for all of my skills, which is why I have Ctrl+Numpad numbers set.
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Post Thu May 10, 2018 12:05 am

Re: Having a really hard time with IWT for talking to NPCs

The start with broadcasting enabled is set under Repeater Profiles -> Default. Untick the boxes for the startup defaults if they are ticked.

If that is not ticked, then check the Mapped Key on Charset Load/Reload. It should be set as below and not executing the Activate Repeat mapped key.

As for ranged IWT. Might just be a case of the fact that Ranged toons have a distance that they interact with, so as long as they are within their "range" then they don't move. I'm not sure whether the game treats some objects (NPC's, dead things) differently to others (running around, drooling, blood thirsty, alive things) for IWT, but my initial suspicion is no, the ranged thing is coming into it. Someone with more familiarity with the subject may be able to answer that one better than I.

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