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Auto follow

Got ISBoxer few days ago.
2 accounts. First setup was dk and shamy. Worked perfect with wizard setup, no probs at all.
Day after i went for my 2nd setup. Warr + Lock. All works great exept auto folow when i change window betwean master and slave.
On first setup it was working without need to tweak anything, as soon as i swtiched to 2nd display (slave) he became master and what was master begin to autofolow slave without needing me to press alt+F.
No idea why is working for 1 setup and not for 2nd, have all same addons on for all my chars with same setup.




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Re: Auto follow

I'm unclear on exactly what you're saying the problem is here.

If what you're saying is that you want auto-follow on character switch, you can re-run the wizard to make the team and select the option on the last page. Likewise, if you don't want that, you can also re-run the wizard. The real way to change this after running the wizard is to go to each Slot in your Character Set (select the Character Set in the top pane, then each Slot number in the bottom left) and there's a drop-down box on the right that by default will say JambaMaster -- but it might also include Follow and/or JambaStrobing. Select the one you want from the Mapped Key drop-down.

If the wrong guy is following, you are probably logged into the windows in the opposite order as specified in your Character Set. To fix this, assuming each of your Characters has its account info filled in from the wizard, just close out the game, do a File, Export, and launch your team again, and it should have the right ones selected for you.

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