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dxNothing resolution help!

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Re: dxNothing resolution help!

bob wrote:I never took French.

I had to. Born with french speaking parents ;)

bob wrote:It's funny how Windows UI people ehave time to muck around and change forms/buttons on pages, yet can't fix the "settings" so that 1. it doesn't need old Control Panel anymore, and 2. things take less click fests to get to than they used to when using the old Control Panel, and 3. you can actually find things using the search function which seems mostly incapable of finding things.

Totally agree with you on this.

bob wrote:However, whinge aside, if setting the DPI scaling option did not fix your problem, then perhaps your problem is not the same as the OP at all, and rather, in your Window Layout, your DXNothing is not in a separate Swap Group, so instead it is being set to use the same window size as your reset region, and then being scaled to fit the region size that the DXNothing is being allocated to.

So, ensure that your DXNothing's region in the WIndow Layout, is in it's own swap group (or, if you started out with a stacked layout, make sure the Active Region and Reset Region has not been set for that swap group).
If in doubt, share your config.

Putting dxNothing in a separate Swap Group did fix the issue.

Thanks very much for your help


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Re: dxNothing resolution help!


I followed the instructions but still the dxnothing is scaled.
The configuration into Inner space has the parameter ~DPIUNAWARE, which is the same as changing from the file properties.

I also created a profile with only the dxnothing windows but is always scaled.

The only way, at least for me, is to remove the scaling and set it to 100% to have a proper dxnothing windows.

I'm using windows 10 - 1803



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