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In Game ISBoxer GUI Doesn't Render

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In Game ISBoxer GUI Doesn't Render

NOTE: I'm currently attempting to run 4 characters in FFXVI, however, I posted here because I don't think this is specific to FFXVI necessarily. However, if this issue happens to be game specific, please move this to the appropriate forum. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm currently unable to use ISBoxer and was hoping to learn what i'm doing wrong :). I'm currently playing FFXVI and everything boots up just fine. However, when hitting ctrl+shift+alt+G I get no GUI. I also have a hotkey registered for the in-game console and that does not work either. Basically none of the in-game overlays render and it's unclear if it's a rendering issue or if perhaps keys aren't be properly broadcasting because there is something wrong with my config. I would highly doubt it's a rendering issue but I noticed that the innerspace configuration (screenshot attached) lists my available texture memory as NULLMB. I'm assuming this is cosmetic and may have something to do with being in SLI mode, however, I thought I should call it out in case I'm wrong.

Just an FYI: I'm a returning ISBoxer from about a year ago so I was very familiar with WoW and the ISBoxer 41 pro-system, etc. I'm not familiar with ver 42, however, it seems like all the functionality I remember from 41 is there, just in a more condensed and simplified format. That said, I just want to make sure I'm not missing something that may have changed that I should be aware of in 42.

System Specs:
Intel 6950X 10 core
128 Gigs DDR4 3200
2 GTX 1080 (SLI Mode)
3 4k 32 inch predator monitors (I only use one of them for boxing)

Link to configuration:
NOTE: The config reflects choosing the pro system, adding class specific keymaps, and hitting finish. No further config has been done.

1. I noticed that the "Display System" configuration lists "OpenGL", "Direct3D8", and "Direct3D9" but is missing anything related to "Direct3D11". I'm assuming this isn't an issue because every game seems to include this. My assumption is that the overlay can be rendered using a different version of DirectX than the game. However, I did see some dlls related to DX11 engine, etc, so I was curious how this worked and if it may be related to my issue, ie the install has been corrupted in some manner? Highly unlikely, but again, thought I should call it out, just in case.

2. My question is related to Nvidia SLI. If I'm using a single monitor on a single machine to box all my toons, does being in SLI mode even matter?

Thanks for the help with this, hopefully ISBoxer is compatible with FFXVI and this is just user error on my part!
Innerspace Configuration Screenshot
InnerspaceConfig.PNG (26.3 KiB) Viewed 3017 times


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Re: In Game ISBoxer GUI Doesn't Render

Overlays created by Inner Space not appearing is a known issue with DX11 and FFXIV; use DX9 instead.


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Re: In Game ISBoxer GUI Doesn't Render

Thanks for the quick response and that was the issue! Given that this was FFXVI specific, apologies for posting my question here! Thanks again!

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