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Using dual monitor VideoFX setup

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Using dual monitor VideoFX setup

Hi there, I am trying to set up grid/clique healing on WoW with video FX. I've been using MiRai's youtube videos (thank you Mirai) but I ran across the issue with the blurry viewers. So I created a new video FX window layout with the setup wizard. My setup is using dual monitors, with the main window on one monitor and the 4 others evenly divided amongst the second monitor. When I load up the character set, everything appears fine. When I click on another window to bring it to the main screen, it works just fine. However, once the first account is removed from the focus of the main screen I cannot get it back. I am able to click to switch focus of all the windows except for the first account. When I click on the viewer where the first account is, the viewer changes focus as if it was switched but nothing happens on the main window. What am I doing wrong? Sorry if I explained that poorly, I can upload a video if it helps



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Re: Using dual monitor VideoFX setup

There is an issue with the VIdeoFX layout when configured via the Window Layout Wizard and using the No Holes option. If you really want to have a no holes layout, the only option, currently, is to configure it manually.


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