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L/R Modifiers Pass Thru

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Post Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:45 pm

L/R Modifiers Pass Thru

Having as bit of trouble. I'm just using the standard MMO setup currently

I want the left/right modifiers to be passed to both the master and slaves.

If I press any modifiers + key thats not setup as a hotkey, its not interrupted and only sent to the active WoW window. There doesn't seem to be an option to allow additional modifiers for a hotkey or broadcast.

I can work around this by creating a two new hotkey (i.e 2x ALT +1) then adding a conditional ALT / RALT to each, then having each of those conditionals map to a broadcast for ALT + 1 and RALT + 1.

Curious if there a better way to accomplish this goal. The main reason I doing this is to pass thru the modifiers for my slave macros.

For example, I have macro or spam spell on 1 for master/slaves but I have the macro on one specific slave to have one nomod spell, one lalt spell and one ralt spell.

If turn broadcast one, all my slaves will keep just spamming '1' since ALT+1 is not bound but once I use left or right alt, the one slave will use the proper macroed spell (while the others peform the same '1' action).

If I turn keymap on / broadcast off, this same WOW setup will only work if I perform the hotkey / key map setup above. Its not hard to do, just curious if theres a better way (or if I'm missing something really simple).


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Post Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:18 pm

Re: L/R Modifiers Pass Thru

ISboxer traps key combinations. It doesn't really do what you want, although you could achieve what you want by relying upon the WoW fallback on keybinds (which you pretty much describe as part of what you are doing anyway).

i.e. If you sent ALT+1 to all the game windows, then WoW would attempt to execute something on ALT+1, and if it did not find any keybind on ALT+1, it would fall back to just 1. If you want to use left/right modifiers, then you normally need to do this in a macro, where the main bind on the macro is 1, and in the macro you use the modifier tests

But, you could also use some of the better features of ISBoxer, and make some keymaps, which allow you to press one hotkey, e.g. F, and send a 1 to the main window, and ALT+1 to the slave windows.

This video may help as a new boxer. https://youtu.be/8lzHM_SmFvk

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