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I have a problem with setting up round-robin

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Post Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:33 pm

I have a problem with setting up round-robin

Been trying to make round robin work for 2 weeks now can'T seem to nail it...

I started a new profile and tried with Shift+7 key.

Not working... i did what's shown in guides on isboxer.com

What am i doing wrong ?



Forgot to add that seems that my other characters are not auto changing targets.

Here's what i'm tryign to do

Playing 5 DK's trying to deathgrip different targets on round robin. Let's say i have 5 targets near me i wanna be able to target on my main each one at a time and then dethgripping each one by one with each of my other characters.

Basically chain gripping all 5 targets around me without hiting the interact with target button but only hitting the Shift+7 my minions would switch targets and then deathgrip round-robin style.

Hope i'm clear enough! Thanks


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Post Tue Aug 07, 2018 10:35 pm

Re: I have a problem with setting up round-robin

The assist doesn't round-robin because the Target is Window:Current, and there's only ever one character, per PC, that falls into that Target (the character you're playing from). If the default set of Mapped Keys had their Targets reversed, this could be solved with the check box you were using, but the following three steps will fix it:

1) In the WoW Key Map, make a copy of the "Assist Me" Mapped Key.
2) In the copy, set the round-robin flag.
3) in the "Combat Broadcast" Key Map, open up the Shift+7 Mapped Key, select the top-most "Do Mapped Key" Action (the one that deals with assist), remove the round-robin flag, and then point it to your newly created copy in the WoW Key Map.

Note: This will only fix it for your Shift+7 Mapped Key, and you'd need to repeat the step 3 for any other Mapped Keys in the future.

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