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Assist problem

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Post Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:31 pm

Re: Assist problem

Bob you da man!
:D :)
I am enjoying this.... It works like magics! Yay..........
Thanks Bob


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Post Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:39 am

Re: Assist problem

Thanks Bob, I am multibox and loving it. The good thing is it is addictive :). I want to be able to fine tune my control a bit.
For Follow : The only way I can make it work is to select the party leader then type in "/follow" . So I select IS42 Party and run the Mapped Key Wiz and use text entry. I have it do "Enter" then /follow and then Enter again. The problem is sometime it get my toon stuck because the blinking cursor is in the chat menu and sometime I have to hit it twice or three time to exit chat mode. It has never been a problem for me with team of two because I can see them both and if I see it stuck in chat mode I hit the key again. But Now I am going for bigger team and it impossible to see especially team of 5. Is there a way I can make my toon type in /follow without using enter before and after? like we doing ourselves? I experiment with skipping the "Enter" but it won't work without both "enter"

Assist : I can make it work by doing the Base Hotkey Hold to control second slot like you taught me, then I hit a nearest target key and turn to face the monster and I am good. But now I want Bigger team of five. One warrior two mage and two archer. I want to make a broadcast to a team of two.
How can I make it so that at a press of one key I broadcast hitting "Tab" key to just my two archers. Is it possible to Hold and Control two toon?

I appreciate your time.

War Dog


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Post Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:45 am

Re: Assist problem

For Follow. The better way, is either to use an in game bind for the function, if the game has that in it's keybind options, or to use a macro/social, if the game has a macro system, to use the keystring actions and the pitfalls they have, or finally, to use individual keystroke actions that spell out what you want to do (if the game will take it). You may have figured out by this sentence that this will be easier to answer if you tell us the name of the game (as previously asked).

For Assist. Sure, you can change the targets of the New Repeater Targets to include more than one slot. See the Wiki page on Targets for more info on how to set those. Probably best to copy one of the existing Hold to Control mapped keys, and adjust the copy, rather than change the original.

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