Post Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:07 am

Re: How to Properly Setup a Keybind?

Alge wrote:Share your configuration for better support. At least that way we can rule out some possible errors.

Also, give me the name of your Character Set and a Mapped Key which is not being sent to your other character.

Sorry for the outburst. I got everything working!

So here is the full story since I didnt really explain because I thought it would be easily accomplished, and in lieu of that got more frustrated as time went on blaming the software LOL

I have an AHK on my master that works great and I wanted to just pass that to the slave and it worked great with "broadcasting" turned on...figured I'd just pass "3" to other one and it should be easy peasy.... no. LOL

My work around was creating a keymap called combat and set it to "3" like I wanted. Then fired up the AHK script and when I chose the mapped key for the in game stuff I pressed it once and it spammed the keystrokes into the list.

BAMN! Off to the races :)

I have a ton to learn about this software.... and I'm sure the AHK part is something outside of the design of ISBoxer.

And literally just when I had my moment of Glory Comcast internet decided to go out on me... :(