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Anarchy Online Text

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Anarchy Online Text

Hi, when trying to use a window layout my text ingame becomes very pixelated and unreadable. If I do no swapping it doesn't seem to exist am I doing something wrong or is it just anarchy online being an old game.


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Re: Anarchy Online Text

There is an issue with Anarchy Online, where it is recommended to not use a Window Layout, however, that is usually due to a "device reset" error. If it is not appearing for you, then super; read on.

If you are getting pixelated text, that is normally a symptom of the resolution that is being used to render the games is different to that being displayed. If we talk main region only in an ISBoxer Window Layout, then the game should be rendering at the same size as the display region. So if your main region in your ISBoxer Window Layout is 1920x850, then that is what the in game display size should be set to.

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