Post Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:36 pm

Earth and Beyond - Very low FPS

I have been using ISboxer on and off for a few years now, very impressed with how helpfull this company was, helping me get Innerspace to work with Earth and Beyond. I have been recommending ISboxer to other friends to use on this game, and they are unhappy with the FPS issues, which I thought, was just on my end.

I have tried and tested each CPU configuration with no changes. I have looked through fps guides. But....Dosent matter if I run 1 window or 10 windows its the same performance. Very low FPS, it can get down to 7 fps. The odd thing is if I click on my desktop and the game runs in the background, it runs perfectly, full fps, even in raids. As soon as I click on a game window the fps drops. If I run the game without ISboxer it runs perfectly as well.

Id rather not make any assumptions here on what the problem could be, I feel ive tried everything I could in the ISB suite and was unable to get any improvements. But it would be great if there was something I missed and its an easy fix.

Im using win 7, with a i7 8gb ram nvidia980

The earth and beyond site is

If anything can be done to help id greatly appreciate it, thanks for your time.