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Ragnarok Online support

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Ragnarok Online support

Piggybacking off of this post from last year that was never followed up on: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8729&start=0

Basically, iRo has no anticheat and there are many people that would love to use ISBoxerwith it. Ragnarok still has a pretty big community and it is kept alive by enthusiastic players but also because multiclienting exists. It does not use Hackshield like the "supported games" page previously had in its reason for not being supported. It has recently been changed to say it uses Gepard shield, which is also not true. Gepard is a private anti-cheat for private servers, not official servers. iRo is not a private server.

Hackshield is only in the Asian market of RO. iRo does not have an anticheat, which is why it has so many bots playing it.

I would love it if Lax could test Ragnarok and support this game in Isboxer. I know I would absolutely pay for it, and many others would too.


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Re: Ragnarok Online support

Thanks for the detailed info, that helped clear things up a lot.

I spent some time with Ragnarok Online and got it working with Inner Space.

As of today with build Inner Space development build 6273 and the third-party utility dgVoodoo 2 (http://dege.freeweb.hu/), ISBoxer should work with the international version of Ragnarok Online (http://www.playragnarok.com/)

To get it working:
1. From dgVoodoo 2 (http://dege.freeweb.hu/), copy the DLLs from the MS sub-folder into your Ragnarok Online folder.
2. Switch your Inner Space to the development build (you can switch back any time). To do so, right click Inner Space and select Patcher, tick "Download development (test) patches" and then close and restart Inner Space to let it patch up to build 6273 or later.
3. Use Add Game to add the Ragnarok launcher to Inner Space. You can drag the Ragnarok Online desktop icon into the Add Game window.
4. Use ISBoxer's Quick Setup Wizard!

I don't have any further info to share yet as I am not familiar with the game, but it should work and we can help everyone get it figured out from there. :)

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