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Wildstar! Following and Assist

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Wildstar! Following and Assist

As the title states there's two issues that are needing to be looked at. I've read some Wildstar problems in the past one of them back in 2016 in particular stated the same problem I'm having.
Being a Wildstar player, I've noticed alot of issues revolving around the Macro system of the game. But with that in mind I was assuming ISBoxer might be able to counter those problems, it probably still can I'm just not experienced enough to troubleshoot it on my own. Currently working on the trial for this session so I'm really new to the whole thing but watched Joe's Wildstar tutorial and was pretty straight forward but it is almost 4 years old. While I managed to get everything going all the way into the game launch and bunching up the accounts. Then comes the actual Follow and Assist features of the game (Which may or may not have changed during that 4 year mark). While playing with it noticed they select each other but in random and odd orders, along with following being non-existent unless you type it out in all the Clients or I ended up just setting up a macro to press follow when they select their random player of the group. It does end up selecting the players in a line, but I prefer them to all select the first Client of the team but once that's achieved there's a lack of Auto-following when I press the Follow hotkey.

To sum things up Auto-Target is off, Auto-follow does not follow characters. Trying to do a Quad build for now everything was going smooth until this.

Please assist! Thanks.


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Re: Wildstar! Following and Assist

I've not played Wildstar myself, but assuming it needs the F1 - Fx function keys to select a party member, then you will need to make sure the targeting table is correct for your team. For most MMO's this also means making sure you consistently use the same order when you invite/accept the team members so they use the same function key to select the same party member, every time.

As for Follow. Unless there is an ingame bind for that, then you will probably need to configure a generic /follow macro on each toon, and use a consistent bind for that, and then set that same bind on the Vairable Keystrokes -> Follow Target key combination.

You should also make sure that the Virtual Mapped Keys for your team have the "Follow Me (Target Slot)" as the active method.

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